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The mission of iCHECKMATES is to elevate and improve the online social networking and dating experience. It is a background check company; providing personal verification as well as verifying others, an Internet social networking destination and information hub. You can order comprehensive background checks, which include national bankruptcies, national criminal, national sex and violent offenders, and more. In addition we will be verifying that the individual is who they say they are by adding another security measure of Biometrics, facial, voice and in some cases finger print authentication. iCHECKMATES uses state of the art tracking and retrieval resources making us one of the only sites to provide you the most comprehensive and current background information available in the United States. Soon we will be launching globally.

iCHECKMATES is the exclusive provider of a “CID” or Cyber Identification. This is where YOU the END USER validates him or herself to ensure the information about you is not only correct but that IT IS YOU. This will also ensure that NO ONE else will be able to steal your identity once you are validated using our comprehensive background and Biometrics data. Users submit their information in order to complete a comprehensive background check and biometric validation. Once completed users receive a CID badge (based on accuracy and amount of accurate data submitted). Think of it like your personal seal of approval or a FICO score. Once the searches are completed and you are verified you will have the option to post your CID iCHECKMATES VERIFICATION BADGE on any social media, online dating, business site, Twitter… etc or any other network on the web.

With relationships at high levels with government agencies, top information service organizations and key internet fraud lawyers and legislators iCHECKMATES is your best single source for all the latest information on Internet scams, current events, real stories, expert advice and a fraud resource center.

iCHECKMATES is building online confidence one connection at a time. You find. We Check. You Decide.